This is a feature only available to staff members who are set up to be Story Reviewers, and to Centers which have enabled Story Approval.

1: From the pending stories list select the story you wish to review and click "Edit".
If you do not know how to view the list of pending stories, please take a look at the following help page:
How to view pending learning stories.

In the Edit page, you will be able to review the story and decide if it's ready to be published or not.

2: If you think the story needs fixing, click the pink "Rework" button at the bottom of the page.

3: If you think the story is ready to be published, then click the "Approve" button.

Clicking "Approve" will prompt an approval box which allows you to add a comment which the staff member who wrote the story can see.
You can also tick a box to include it in their Teaching Portfolio if you happen to have Story Writing access to their Portfolio.

If you click "Rework" you will also get a prompt box to type in, but this is instead used to let the staff member know what needs changing before you approve it. 

Click "Save" when you are done to submit for Approval or Rework.

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