Note: Settings only accessible by Site Admins.

Story approval is defaulted to off, meaning all teachers can publish directly. To set up a story approval process you need to:

1/ Turn on Story Approval (in Site Settings, under General)
2/ Enter reviewers for teachers needing approval (in Site Settings)
3/ Set require approval or not  for each teacher in their teacher profile

What is Story Approval?  Teachers with permission to post stories directly to parents see "publish" as their action button. Teachers requiring story approval see "Submit for Approval" button. Their stories go to a Pending Stories page where a "reviewer" is notified and then approves them or sends them back for edit with comments.

Once it's turned on you select which teachers are involved.  Some customers use it for all teachers, others use it for young teachers only.

To set up story approval, please follow the steps below or watch our video:

1: Click "Admin" in the blue navigation bar, this will open up a drop-down menu
From the Admin menu, click "Site Settings"

3: This will take you to your Site Settings page. Click the orange "General" tab to open that section

4: Then scroll down to the Configure Site Features area, as below. There are two options:

  1.  Click the checkbox to turn your Story Approval on. 
  2. Once you have turned Story Approval on, click "Approval Settings"

The Approval Settings page allows you to assign specific reviewers to a teacher. This an optional step in the story approval set up; if you skip this step it will still work, it just means that any new story will be seen by all reviewers.

You will first need to specify who the reviewers at your service are. To do this, you can tick the "Is a Reviewer" check-box next to each staff member or you can edit that teacher's profile to enable them as a "story reviewer".

Back on the Approval Settings page - Click one of the reviewer boxes to open a drop-down menu of teachers you can assign. Select a teacher from the drop-down list to assign them as a specified reviewer. Any changes you make this way will automatically save.

You are also able to set up Tiered Approval which allows for multiple reviewers to review or proof read an educator's stories. 

Setting Up Who Requires Story Approval

The final step is to go to each teacher's profile page (from Teachers page), click "view profile" on the left under the image, and then "Edit Profile" on the top right. Then check the Story Reviewer permission and Auto Approval setting for that teacher. xs and then check the appropriate permissions.   Repeat this for each teacher.

Repeat this for each teacher. 

Note, Auto Approval is defaulted to off, meaning stories will require approval unless the Auto Approval box is checked.

Managing Story Approval

We have created a handy "Pending Stories" page for reviewers.  They can check that page at any time for stories needing action.  To make the process more smooth, most customers set up multiple reviewers for each teacher, to make sure stories are not delayed.

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