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This article is relevant to centres that have story approval turned on.  

Tiered approval is the idea of having multiple reviewers set up, not necessarily all equal.  A staff member can have the ability to approve stories from some teachers, but may still require approval for their own stories from someone higher up. 

Setting up multiple reviewers helps the approval flow, especially if someone is busy or sick for example.

Note, teachers requiring story approval only need approval from one of their designated reviewers.

Assigning Reviewer Rights To A Teacher First
The ability to approve stories is a right you need to set up in each staff member's profile. Click here to see how to edit a staff member's profile and enable them as a Story Reviewer.   Do this first.

Learn how to set up Story Approval here

1:  Click the "Site Settings" button to go to the settings page. 

2: Go to the "General" tab. 

3: Scroll down to the "Configure Site Features" section and click on "Approval Settings."

Once on this page, you can then select reviewers.

You can click on the drop-down box next to a staff member and select a reviewer(s) for them. To have Tiered Approval simply have someone higher up (such as the site Admin or Head Teacher/Director) be a reviewer for them.

For example, in this image Teacher 1 is a reviewer for Teacher 2 and 3.  And Teacher 1 needs stories approved by Site Admin

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