If you'd like to provide an inquiry, reflection topic or general feedback to all teachers or a group of teachers, you can post a story directly into each teacher's Teacher Portfolio using this feature.

If you have been assigned as a contributor to more than one other Teacher's profile you will be provided with the option to create Group Posts. The link for this will appear beneath your profile picture on your Portfolio page.   

Clicking this button will bring you to the My Group Posts page. From here you can create new Group Posts as well as look at draft Group Posts.   

Creating a Group Post is just like writing a Mentor/Peer story except you get to choose which Teachers will receive it.

After saving the story, it will be copied into the portfolios of the teachers you select.  If you want to update the story simply return to the My Group Posts page and edit the story. The changes you make will be reflected in the stories on all the Teachers Portfolios.  If you want to edit the story for a single teacher, simply find the story within their specific portfolio.

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