Note: A teacher can only create a peer story if they are assigned as a peer and have been given permission to contribute to a teacher's portfolio - Setting this up is covered in the article Teacher Portfolio Permissions. 

1: Access a Teacher's Portfolio by visiting the Teachers page and clicking the orange My Portfolio link beneath the name of the teacher you would like to write the story for.  

2: Click the orange Add Peer Story button.  

3: Writing a peer story is the same as any other Teacher story except that you cannot link children stories or add reflections. You can, however, include artifacts uploaded from your own computer and reference the curriculum.  

4: Tick Send Email to alert the teacher who owns the portfolio of the new Peer Story. They will then be able to view and comment on your story.

Note: Peer stories will be visible to all mentors and peers as well as the teacher they were written for.

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