Note: You are only able to download your own portfolio, you are not able to download another staff members teaching portfolio. 

As part of a recent update we have now added the ability to download your teaching portfolio. 

You are able to download your portfolio by navigating to your Educa profile page and clicking on the download option.

1: Click on the "Teachers/Educators/Staff" tab
2: Click on "All Teachers"
Click on your name or profile picture to get to your profile page
4: Select the "Download" button as shown below:

This will download a .zip file of your profile which will contain any images as well as an .html file of your My Portfolio.
A zipped file will need to be "extracted" or "unzipped" to be used properly.
You can learn how to extract a file by viewing the steps at the bottom of the Download a Child's Profile help article.  

Transfer Options

If you would like to continue using Educa to edit and add to your portfolio, then we can transfer it to a personal site for you, where you can continue to work on it for a yearly subscription of $59+GST.

If you are moving to work at another service that uses Educa then we can transfer your portfolio over. Click here for information regarding the transfer.

Please feel free to contact us to organize the download or transfer of your portfolio.

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