Your site administrator can now create a curriculum especially for teachers and educators that can be linked to a teacher reflection or post directly. 

Create a New Curriculum - Click Here

Create a Teacher Story - Click Here 

Educa also provides a number of "Professional Development Standards" which can be found and turned on in your Curriculum Library. This library currently includes the following standards:

  • AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • New Zealand Code of Professional Responsibility
  • New Zealand Standards for the Teaching Profession

Once you have started a new post in your "My Portfolio" page, scroll down and you will see a list of curriculum's available. This will include all curriculum currently turned on in your site.

Simply select the curriculum you require and which goal/outcome your post relates to. Once done it will link the same as it does on the children's learning stories.

Create a New Curriculum - Click Here

Using your Curriculum Library - Click Here

Edit a Standard Curriculum - Click Here

Link a Story to Curriculum Goals - Click Here

Share a Curriculum to Multiple Sites - Click Here

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