Use Educa's "My Portfolio" (teacher portfolio) gives teachers a secure place to enter and store their professional work.  For directors, it provides a way to track and work with all teachers in one place. 

Benefits of Educa Teacher Portfolio

Your Educa site is already set up in a way to streamline your online portfolio experience. The system holds your key pieces of evidence in the form of the stories you post for your children, and allows you to quickly link those stories to reflections in your portfolio. 

You can also set up other educators and teachers as mentors and/or peers, who can contribute to or give feedback on your portfolio. It's super easy to get started, because you already have!

Profile Page - for Documents, Notes

Your professional statement is seen by parents, everything else is private.

Use the Professional Notes as your career notebook.  Perhaps record a quick summary of your professional activities through the year OR use it as a "To Do" list when you hear about things you could do.

Upload documents on your profile page -- certificates, articles you want to keep, etc.

Portfolio (Reflections, Journal Entries) Page

This is the heart of the teacher portfolio.  Create a post and write - about a professional event you attended, a reflection or about an area of research.  Whatever you like.

You can upload images, videos and connect to your plans or stories as evidence or to make your point.

Mentor Stories:  Supervisors can post "mentor stories" into a teacher portfolio if they are invited (on Mentors page) to perhaps ask a question or communicate guidelines.

What If You Leave?  There is a "Download" option where you can download your entire teacher portfolio at any time.  Or you can keep your portfolio available for use online for a small annual fee.

Appraisals, Individual Plans.  Educa's Forms feature has a teacher form setting for forms for teachers.  The default setting is that the teacher is not invited to the form, but that can be over-ridden by the supervisor creating the form.

Find out more about how to start using your portfolio:

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