Similar to the Message board, you are able to post a Message that only the staff members of your site can see. This is useful if you have something you need to share with your staff that parents should not be able to see, such as teaching rosters or other information that is only meant for teachers. 

1: Click on the "Teachers/Educators/Staff" tab.
2: Click on "All Teachers."

3: Then click "Add New Message" to bring up the Message creation screen. 

You can then fill out the Message details just as you would with a Message or Dashboard post. 

At the bottom, the Select Groups will allow you to choose certain classes that you wish to share with. Only staff from the classes selected will be notified of the Message, however all staff will be able to see the Message. 

There will also be a Send Email option to send an email notification to the staff or not. 

Share a Teacher Message - Click Here

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