As a staff member, you are able to assign other staff the ability to access your portfolio as Mentors and Peers.  

How to assign Mentor or Peer access to a Staff Member's portfolio

1: Visit your Portfolio by clicking on the Teachers/Educators tab, scrolling down to your name, and then clicking the orange My Portfolio link.   

2: While in the portfolio, click on the Portfolio Settings link underneath your profile photo to access your portfolio permissions settings.  

3: On this page you can assign other staff members as a Peer or Mentor to your portfolio. This is optional though, if you do not want them to have access, then you need to leave the drop-down menu beside their name blank.

By ticking the Allow This Person to Add Story tick-box, you will allow that teacher to add mentor or peer stories to your portfolio. 

Please note: Only Administrators and the individual teacher can assign mentor or peer access to their portfolio. 

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