You can view a summary of your progress in teacher registration by clicking My Summary on your Portfolio page. 

You will see two options

Curriculum Library and Teacher Criteria

1. It will automatically start on the Curriculum Library 

2. Select the Curriculum you want from the drop down menu to view the Summary for the specific curriculum. 

3. Select Teacher Criteria to see any information from previous stories that are linked to older versions of the practicing teacher standards.
To see stories for yourself - make sure you select "include stories for myself" at the top of the teacher criteria page.

These stories will lie inside the date range at the top of the page. Change the dates and click Refresh to load stories within a different range. The default range is set to the last 6 months.  

Note: The default start date can be modified on the Portfolio Settings page accessible within your Teacher Profile.  

If there are many stories that reference that criteria you can go to another page by clicking Read more which lists all the stories using that criteria

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