This update includes:

  1. Simplified Learning Story Creation
  2. Simplified Message Board Post Creation
  3. Copy Video Stories to Teacher Portfolio Posts
  4. Updated Text Editor
  5. Text Editor Auto Recovery
  6. Page Specific Update Notifications

Simplified Learning Story Creation

Story/Video Story Button Merge

There is now only one button for creating an Individual Learning Story and one button for creating a Group Story.

Grouped Media Upload Options

We've group all the file upload options so you can now add a PDF, a video and photos to any story from one location on the new, easy to use Story (and Group Story) page.

Simplified Message Board Post Creation

The Message Board has had the same treatment as Learning Stories. You can now add a PDF, a video and photos from one easy location.

Copy Video Stories to Teacher Portfolio Posts

Newly created Stories with videos can be copied into Teacher Portfolio posts.

Updated Text Editor

The text editor, used in many parts of the site has been updated. While it is fundamentally the same text editor, this latest version allows more features to be added such as an auto-recover function.

Text Editor Auto Recovery

Auto-recover has been enabled on the text editors. This means that if your browser crashes or if you navigate away from the page accidentally, your work will re-populate into the page for you within 60 minutes. When there is data to be recovered, you will be notified by the auto-recover symbol changing from grey to black.

If your browser crashes or you navigate away from the page, the next time you visit the same page, you will be prompted with a message to auto-recover the data.

Page Specific Update Notifications

Now, when changes are made to a specific area of the site, you will be notified on that page, and linked to the relevant help article for more information on the change.

Get in Touch

For more information on these new features, or any aspect of Educa, please contact our support team via email or through the chat box on our website.

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