The Message Board allows site administrators and designated message board writers to share information with you entire centre. If you can't see the option to Create Message on the message board, you do not have permission to write on the message board and should contact your site administrator. 

It is important to make these messages as engaging as possible for both parents and educators as it is the first page they see when they log onto Educa.

First you'll need to head to the Message Board by clicking Community and selecting Message Board from the drop down list.

Once you are on the Message Board, find the Create Message button in the top right corner. If you can't see the Create Message button then you do not have permission to write on the Message Board.

Start by creating a title that lets the reader know exactly what this message is about. Then add the date of your post.

Now it's time to get creative and write your message in the main text box. Use the three orange buttons to upload videos, photos and files to make your post eye catching. 

If uploading photos, remember to utilise the image editing tools which allow you to resize and change the quality of your images.

Now you've created your message, you need to determine who can access it. Choose whether to share your message with all educators and parents at your centre, or specify a particular class for the message to be seen by. 

Using the three tick boxes underneath, you can then select who is notified by email that your message has been created.

Next, you can determine whether comments can automatically appear on your message or whether they need to be approved by you first. You can also disable commenting entirely, if appropriate.

Finally, choose whether to pin this message to the top of your message board. Once pinned it will sit at the top until you edit your message and untick this option.

Your message is now ready to go live. Decide whether to hit Publish or save it as a Draft, if you want to continue working on it later. 

Any questions? Get in touch with our Support Team at

Learn more about the Message Board here:

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