The Message Board is a key way to communicate with Families and Educators across your centre. Therefore it is vital to have control over the content and manage this over time.

Set Message Board Writers

As a site administrator, you can allow both educators and parents to write on the Message Board. 

To grant this permission to an educator head over to their profile and click Edit Profile.

Find the Message Board Writer option and tick the box to allow the Educator to write on the Message Board. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save.

To allow parents to write on the Message Board you'll need to set them as a Committee Member.

Open your Site Settings and select the Privacy and Preferences option in the top right hand corner.

Scroll down your page until you see Add Parent as Committee Member. Use the search box to find the parent and check the box next to their name.

Click Save and the selected parent will now be able to write on your Message Board.

Access Draft Messages

If you have drafted a message you can always access it by clicking on Draft Messages in the top right corner of the Message Board.

You'll then be able to Edit the message and continue working on it or Delete the message if you no longer intend to post the message.

Edit and Delete Message Board Posts

Next to the title of each post on your Message Board, you will see the options to Edit and Delete.

By clicking Edit you can make changes to your message and even re-send the notification out to Parents and Educators to alert them of the changes.

By clicking Delete your message will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. Therefore make sure you are certain when deleting messages.

Track Who Has Viewed Your Post

You can see who has viewed your message by clicking on the Viewed By button next to the title.

This will show you a list of all the users who have opened your message. It won't count those who simply scroll past your message on the Message Board.

Approve Message Comments

If your message requires comments to be approved before posting, you will receive a notification every time a comment is posted on your message.

You can access the message through the notification, where you will need to scroll down to the comments section. 

At this point either click Approve to allow the comment on your message for everyone to see or click Delete to remove the comment.

Share Your Message To Multiple Sites

If you are part of a group of centres you can share your message with the other centres in your group, meaning there is no need to re-write your post multiple times.

Simply click Share at the top of your message.

Then select the email notification options and which centre or centres you wish to share the message with.

Once you hit Share, it will automatically be sent out to the selected centres and all users on those sites will see your message. 

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