Here is a brief rundown of some of our most frequently asked questions about the Message Board.

Who can write on the Message Board?

Site administrators can automatically create posts on the Message Board.

If an educator or parent wishes to post messages then the site administrator will need to grant them the permission to do so through the site settings.

Learn more about how to do this here.

Who can see messages I post on the Message Board?

By default, every family member and educator active on your site will be able to see it.

When creating the message you have the option to choose who can view your post. You can select specific classes to share your message with and then only family members and educators linked to that class will be able to see the message.

Why can't I see the Create Message button on the Message Board? 

If you can't find the Create Message button in the top right hand corner of the Message Board then you do not have permission to write on the Message Board. 

You should speak to your site administrator if you believe that you should be able to write on the Message Board. 

How long with my message remain pinned for?

Your message will stay pinned to the top of your Message Board until you manually unpin the post.

To unpin the message simply edit your post and untick the Pinned option. 

Why can't I comment on the Message Board?

You cannot comment from the Message Board feed. Therefore make sure you have clicked on the title of the message to fully open the post. 

If there are still not options to comment at the bottom of the page then the writer of that message has disabled the commenting option.

Who can see my comment on a message?

Comments on a Message Board post can be seen by everyone who can access the message. These are not private between you and the author of the message.

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