The Message Board is an online version of your centre notice board. It is the first page you see when you log onto Educa, so important messages aren't missed. Parents and educators can start a conversation by commenting on a message, which can be seen by everyone. 

Centres have replaced services such as Facebook and Mailchimp with the secure Message Board to:

  • Share weekly updates.
  • Post important information such as term dates and price changes.
  • Send out newsletters.
  • Promote upcoming events.
  • Suggest activities to try at home.

Whilst everyone can view the Message Board, not everyone can post to it. Site Administrators can write on the Message Board and they can also invite educators and parents to become message board writers through their site settings.

If you have permission to write on the Message Board you can:

  • Upload photos, videos and files to engage your audience.
  • Share your message with specific classes only.
  • Track who has viewed your posts.
  • Approve comments on your message.
  • Draft messages and complete them at a later date.
  • Print your posts.

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