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Educa’s Milestone tool can be used for assessments, evaluation forms, and more. 

Educa has already built in some standard templates for you to try out, but here we will show you how to create your own.

Set up your Milestone Template

1: Click the orange Centre link (alternative labels: Service, Company, or School) and then select About Us.

2: Click the orange Milestones button.

On the Milestones Library page you will see a list of available templates with an on/off switch allowing you to select which templates can be used.

3: Click Create Milestone to set up a new template.

This will start your new Milestone template, and take you to a page to continue editing.

4: To start creating the questions or headings for your milestone, you need to first set up at least one section. Click New Section to do so.

A section can be used as a category or a heading. In this example, we will create a section all about a child’s language skills.

Now we can start creating ‘questions’  - which will be answered by your teaching staff as they fill out a milestone for a child.

5: Click Add Question to add a question to your milestone. 

6: Once we have written the question, we then need to set up the answers that a teacher or educator can select from. 

From the Format drop-down menu select the type of question you want to use. For example, here we will use the multi-choice option, which means more than one answer can be checked.

7: Then we need to write out each answer. 

We can also keep adding more options by clicking ‘new option’.
We can keep adding more questions this way, to build up our template.

9: When you are finished creating your Milestone template, go back into the Milestone Library to view your list of templates again.

10: Now we can see the new template you just created under our Owned list.

Click the on/off switch to turn on your Milestone Template for your site to turn the Milestone Template on.

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