NOTE: Only Site Administrators can invite a teacher to an Educa site.

1: To invite a teacher, first navigate to the All Teachers page, which you can access by clicking the orange Teachers link near the top of the page and then clicking the orange All Teachers button that will pop up underneath the menu. 

2: Then click on the orange Add New Teacher button near the top right of the page.

3: This brings up the Invite Teacher popup window.

Here you can, enter the teacher’s first name, last name, and email address, assign them to a class, and then click the Invite button to send your invitation. 

Educa will automatically send an invitation email to the teacher. The teacher will need to accept their invitation by typing in their full name. If their last name does not match up to the invite they will not be able to accept the invitation.

Note for Home-based centres:
This brings up the Invite Visiting Teacher or the Invite Educator popup window.

Please note:
Educa uses email addresses to identify users, so please make sure each teacher’s email address not already been used in Educa. Until the invited teacher accepts Educa’s invitation, their profile icon will not show on the All Teachers page.

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