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On the "View Users" page you can take a look at who has access to your site, edit invitations you've already sent out, re-invite a person if they have lost their email, or delete an invitation or person altogether. 

1: To access the users page follow these steps, first open the Service/Centre tab, then select "About Us" from the dropdown.
2: On the About Us page click "View Users" button.

Once on the Users page you will see a list of everyone who has access to your site, or who has been invited.

The list is split up into the following headings: Family (pending), Family (accepted), Staff (pending), and Staff (accepted).

Pending means you have sent an invitation but they have not activated yet. 

Accepted means that they have activated their account and they can log in to your site now. 

On the right-hand column each person will have a number of orange action buttons for you to use, as circled in blue below. These will change depending on whether they are "pending" or "accepted".

Tip: The orange "Re-Invite All Pending Families" button at the top of the page is a fast way to re-invite every family member in one go. This is handy for if you need to send out a reminder to everyone, or for if you are setting up your site and we have been 'holding' the invitations for you until you are ready to go live.

To invite Teachers to your site - Click Here

To invite Families to your site - Click Here

To re-invite all Families to your site - Click Here

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