Story Approval can help monitor the quality of stories published and encourage collaboration between your team. 

This is a setting which can be turned on or off and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your centre. You can choose which educators require their stories approved, who can review stories and who is exempt from the entire process. 

Turn on Story Approval

Firstly, head to your Site Settings by selecting the option from your settings menu.

Open the General tab under your site settings and scroll to the bottom of the page. Under Configure Site Settings you will see Story Approval.

By default this setting will be turned off. To turn it off you simply need to check the box. This will save automatically.

Modify Story Approval Settings

Once you have turned on Story Approval you can customise how this will work at your centre. 

Under the tick box you have just checked to turn the setting on, click Approval Settings.

On this page you will see a list of all the educators at your centre, split into the classes they are linked to.

To set an educator as a reviewer, simply check the box on the far right hand side under 'Is a Reviewer'. This will automatically save and allow them to review stories. It will not make them exempt from having their own stories reviewed. 

Once a reviewer is set, you can assign them to specific educators. This means that only the set reviewer can approve that educator's stories. Above you will see that only Emily can review Peter's stories. You can assign up to three specified reviewers for an educator.

If a specific reviewer is not assigned to an educator, that educator's stories will be sent to all reviewers for approval. From the example above, Emily's stories will be sent to Ngarie and Thomas. 

If a story is sent to multiple reviewers for approval, only one reviewer needs to approve the story. Once approved the story will disappear from the reviewer's pending story list.

Remove Educators from the Story Approval Process

Only site administrators can remove an educator from the story approval process. Once removed, the educator's stories will be automatically approved. 

To do this the site administrator needs to open the educator's profile and click Edit Profile.

Scroll through the Edit Profile page until you see the option to automatically approve this educator's stories. 

Simply check the box to allow the educator's stories to be published without approval. Be sure to click save at the bottom of the page to action these changes. 

If this change is successfully update the educator will now see Publish at the bottom of their stories, rather than Submit for Approval.

Even if an educator's stories aren't approved by others they can still be marked as a reviewer to review other's stories. 

Submit Stories For Approval

Once story approval is activated on your site, those who require their stories approved will no longer see Publish on their stories.

Instead they will see Submit for Approval. Once an educator hits this button the story will be sent to their reviewer's Pending Story List and they won't be able to make any changes until the story is either approved or sent back to be reworked.

The post will not be posted onto the child's portfolio until the story has been approved. 

Approve or Rework Stories

A review can find their outstanding stories which are awaiting approval in the Pending Stories list.

To review, edit and approve a pending story you will need to click Edit in the top right corner of the story. 

Reviewers can then chose whether to approve the story or return the story for reworking.

By clicking Approve the story will instantly be published and can be viewed by the child's family and educators. 

If an educator would like the educator make changes to the story they can click Rework.

This will send the story back to the educator, with comments attached by the educator to provide information on the changes required.

Once an educator hits Submit it will be sent back to the educator and stored under their My Stories page as a draft.

The educator can choose Edit on their story where they will see the feedback from the educator and can make the relevant changes.

Once the changes have been made the educator simply re-submits the story to their reviewer to approve.

Manage Approval or Rework Comments

All of your approval and rework comments are stored on your profile. You can access these at any time by heading to your My Stories page and selecting Approval Comments.

All of the approval comments and rework comments will be displayed for you to reflect upon.

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