Logbook is best used as:

-- a diary to record events at your service OR
-- to plan or schedule of upcoming events

The logbook is visible to all educators and staff members. It is not seen by parents.  Entries are kept in order decided by the left hand column - alphabetical for text fields, latest date on top for date fields.

Note. Your service can set up the Logbook any way you like.  See how to edit the Logbook template here.

How To Make a Logbook Entry

1: Find Logbook under Teachers.

2: Click "Add Entry" in top right. 

3: If your Logbook template includes children, select from the drop-down menu.

4: Next, you can fill out the sections provided in the template. Most are done in a simple question and answer format.

6: Save. 

Click "Details" in the right column to see the full entry in any field.

How To Set Up Logbook - Click Here

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