How to use the Logbook to either record events or create a schedule all teachers can see.

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Please note this is an archived feature and is only available if previously enabled on your site.

Logbook is best used as:

  • A diary to record events at your service. 

  • Record information about administrative duties.

  • To plan or schedule of upcoming events.

The logbook is visible to all educators and staff members, although it is not seen by parents.  

Setting Up the Logbook

You'll need to start by selecting your Logbook Template. Open the Logbook in the Tools menu and select Edit Logbook Template

On this page you'll be able to add, edit and delete fields from your logbook. You'll also be able to change the question format to suit your needs. 

Logbook supports only one template at a time. If you change a template field, data related to the replaced field will be lost. If you change the template, data related to the prior template will be lost.

Entries are kept in order decided by the left hand column - alphabetical for text fields, latest date on top for date fields. Therefore if you want your Logbook organised by date, place the date field on the far left side.

Adding Entries to the Logbook

Start by click Add Entry on your Logbook.

Complete all the required fields using the formatting options provided. Then click Save.

Once your entry is published, you can view the full entry by clicking Details

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