There are four different types of forms available on Educa, each with their own functionality and purpose:

Child Forms
This form is all about a child and is stored on their profile. It can be shared with parents or kept private between teachers. When creating a template you can assign questions for parents to answer. 

Examples of use include:

  • Report cards.
  • Home routine questionnaires.
  • Transition to school statements.
  • Parent permission slips.
  • Accident and illness reports.

Child Milestones
The set up of this form is identical to a Child Form. Whilst a Child Form captures a moment in time, Child Milestones are designed to assess a child over a longer period of time. Therefore they can be linked to stories and updated in real time as a living document. 

Examples of use include:

  • Developmental checklists and assessments.
  • Individual education plans (IEPs). 

Teacher Forms
This form is based around a teacher and is located on their profile. A teacher can create their own forms or their mentor can create one about them. Additional teachers can be linked to share their own insights. 

Examples of use include:

  • Teacher appraisals.
  • Individual development plans.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Quality practice elaboration statements. 

Centre Forms
This form is about the centre as a whole, rather than an individual. Any teacher can be linked to this form. This allows them to edit it, making it an ideal format for team collaboration and creating visibility.

Examples of use include:

  • Quality improvement plans (QIP).
  • Centre quality reviews and strategic plans.
  • Hazzard checklists.
  • Meeting minutes. 

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