Educa uses a subject -- teacher(s), child(ren) or centre -- to define form types and attaches to that subject's profile. Learn more about Forms here.

TIP:  Use a "plan" for educational plans and/or where live linking is needed. For all other purposes, a form is likely your best choice.

Child Form - When To Use

 - A child is the Form Subject. Child forms can be private or shared with parents, who if they have access can also answer questions or digitally sign. These forms are attached to the child profile.

Use case ideas - private (or shared) questionnaires on children, home routines, medical forms, parent permissions, parent surveys. 

Note: Forms can be mass completed for multiple children and then saved to individual child profiles with an option of sharing with parents also. This would help with permission forms, for instance.

Child Milestone - When To Use

 - A child is the Form Subject. They are similar to child forms, but can be updated while editing a story for a child. And they can be linked to stories. This makes them ideal for updating ongoing assessments or development milestones.

Milestones can be private or shared with parents, accessible from the Milestones page on a child profile.

Use case ideas - child assessments, screenings, transition to school statements (where parents can contribute), IEPs that are completed over time.

Child Form or Child Milestone?
The intention is for Milestones to be a way to separate out your educational forms, ongoing evaluations and assessments.

Whereas Child Forms would have more of an administrative purpose.   

Teacher Form - When To Use

 - A teacher is the Form Subject.  Forms can be seen only by admins, the subject and any other teacher or mentor linked to the form when it is created.  Others can be added or taken off once a form is active.

The form will be attached to the teacher profile Forms page and will also be available on your center's Active Forms page for those that have edit rights to any particular form.

Use case ideas - staff appraisal, teacher appraisals, individual development plans, quality practice elaboration statements, classroom observation forms.  

Centre Form - When To Use

 - No individual Form Subject required. Any teacher can be invited to edit this form, making it an ideal format for team collaboration and creating visibility.

Use case ideas - QIP, accreditation or centre quality reviews, strategic plans, hazard checklists, meeting minutes.  Centre forms are great for team collaboration on things like policy statements and annual plans.

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