You can create a form using an Educa 'legacy' template in Archived Templates on the Templates page, or using one you have created yourself.  To create your own form template, follow the instructions here.

To create a form:

  1. Select "Create Form" from the Active Forms page
  2. Select your Form Template from the dropdown box. If the template you want to use is not showing,   you will need to create a template - here's how to create a template. 
  3. Give teachers edit permission in the multi-select "Link To Teachers" dropdown. View permissions  follow class privacy for Child Forms and Child Milestones --  teachers who can see a child profile will automatically see any attached child forms. But they will need to be linked here to be able to edit it. Teacher forms are available only to the user creating the form, the teacher who is the Form Subject and centre admins.
  4. For all Form Types except Centre Forms, you can select a Form Subject from the dropdown provided. This is the person who the form is for. All forms are individual, meaning when you publish the form, if multiple Form Subjects are selected (you'll see teachers in the Teacher Form subject dropdown, children for Child Forms and Child Milestones), a separate form will be created for each Form Subject when published. 
  5. The Title defines how the form will show on the Active Forms list and profile Forms pages.
  6. The Summary field is separate from the Form Template Summary field, but functions in a similar way. It can be used to provide instructions for people filling out this specific version of the form, or explain the purpose of the form.
  7. If you selected multiple subjects, before publishing, you should enter any in common answers. Once published you can go into the individual forms and add individual answers.   
  8. Once you click "Publish" the form splits into individual forms that are attached to each subject profile.  Once published, the form is visible.  If you saves a "Draft" only you can see the form. It will be stored on the Draft Forms page and will not attach to the Form Subject's profile.

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