Creating a form on Educa is a two-step process. Firstly, you need to set up your templates. This is where you create the framework of your forms and set the questions.

Once your templates are in place, you then select Add New Forms on the Active Forms page. This is where you'll fill out your forms and answer each question in relation to an individual. 

Start by selecting the template you wish to use and set who that form is about (you'll see teachers in the Teacher Form subject dropdown, children for Child Forms and Child Milestones).  If the template selected is set as a Centre Form, this option won't appear. 

All forms are individual, meaning when you publish the form, if multiple Form Subjects are selected, a separate form will be created for each Form Subject when published.

Next up, use the View and Edit Rights drop down to select which teachers have permission to view and edit the form. Regardless of the type of form, a teacher must be linked to the form in order to view and edit the form. 

You'll then need to set a title and add a summary. 

The Title defines how the form will show on the Active Forms list and profile Forms page, so make sure this is as descriptive as possible.

The Summary field can be used to provide instructions for people filling out this specific version of the form, or to explain the purpose of the form.

Now that your settings have been determined, you can start adding responses to each question. If there are questions to be answered by parents or other teachers, leave those questions blank for them to answer. 

If you selected multiple subjects, before publishing, you should enter any in common answers. Once published, there will be an individual form published for each linked subject. You can go into these individual forms and add individual answers.   

You can attach evidence to each of your responses. This evidence can be uploaded from your computer or you can add a plan, story, form or teacher portfolio post currently stored in Educa. 

Before publishing your form, you'll need to set the notification settings. 

For Child Forms/Milestones, determine whether the parents can see the form and then choose whether a notification is sent. 

For Teacher Forms, you'll just need to check whether a notification is sent to the teacher the form is about.

Finally, select whether you want to Publish or Draft your form. Once published, it will be available to those given the access and will be stored in the appropriate locations. If you draft the form, it will be stored under the Draft Forms page until you make further changes and publish the form. 

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