When you tap on an image you will see a number of options. Working left to right:

  • Image alignment icons - image left (with text on right), center, and image right

  • Tap 33%, 50% and 100% to change the image size to 33% (3 in a row), 50% (2 in a row) or 100% (full row)

  • Dropdown to add a border to the image

  • Advanced image editor (to crop, etc.)

  • Swap the image - tap this icon to replace it with another image

  • Delete the image from the story

Image Editor

Educa's Advanced Image Editor allows users to perform basic edit functions on images once they have been uploaded. Simply click on the photo and the image toolbar will appear. Select the Edit Image as show in this image.

You will see a variety of image editing options including:

  • Photo rotation

  • Image cropping

  • Brightness adjustment

  • Colour saturation

Once you've made changes to your image click Apply to save any changes made whilst editing the image, then click Save to apply these changes to the photo in your post.

Educa also has an image layout and smart sizing tool. Learn more here.

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