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Strengthen communication between your team of educators by utilising Educa's Teacher Messages.

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Teacher Messages is a private channel that allows you to send messages only seen by educators. It is a place to bring your educators together through sharing information and ideas. 

☝️ Please note: Teacher Messages maybe called Educator Messages on your site.

With the option to add photos and documents, Teacher Messages can be used to share:

  • Staff meeting notifications, agendas and minutes.

  • Team rosters and schedules.

  • Educational resources.

  • Important information about a child. 

Filter each message by class or group to ensure the message is seen by the appropriate team. Email notifications can be sent to alert staff of your post in addition to the orange bell notification at the top of each teacher's page. 

If you're an administrator for multiple centres you can even share your message across multiple sites in one easy click.

Once published use the View By option on each message to track educator engagement and encourage conversations through the use of commenting on each message, which can be see by all teachers.

Check out our handy "How To..." video below to learn how you can:

  • Share Messages Across Your Teaching Team

  • Track Educator Engagement

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