Every educator using Educa has a portable and private Teacher Portfolio, part of a Teacher Profile, a private workspace for keeping uploaded documents, portfolio posts, professional forms and more. There is also a section seen by families where you can tell them a little about yourself.

Your teacher profile is mainly private, seen only by you, admins and any peers or mentors that you invite. Each post can remain private to the educator or can be shared with selected mentors and peers, fostering a collaborative approach to professional development. 

Ideas for your Teacher Portfolio

Educators can use their portfolio to: 

  • Record professional development hours.

  • Write reflections or inquiry, backed by evidence in Educa.

  • Write journal entries of events or random insights.

  • Store documentation.

Each post added to your portfolio can easily be linked to professional development standards, child observations and plans. Acting as evidence, these links strengthen your reflections and can provide meaningful insights into your practice through portfolio reporting.

Educators can assign mentors and peers within their centre to view and add to their portfolio. This allows mentors to post observations and appraisals directly into their mentee's portfolio. The mentee can then respond to their posts by adding their personal reflections. 

Group Posts allow an educator to share a single post across the multiple portfolios they have permission to contribute to. This can be utilised to share training notes and resources in a time saving manner. 

Stored in one central location, educators can download, transfer or maintain their entire portfolio online privately if they move to a new centre. 

How to Videos - Teacher Profile

Check out our handy "How To..." videos below to learn how you can:

  • Post to Your Portfolio

  • Assigning Mentors and Peers

  • Posting to Your Mentee's Portfolio

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