Share resources with families or only teachers through Educa's Resources Library.

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Resources allows Site Administrators to create your own documents or upload files to a central location on your Educa site. 

By default these resources are shared with all families and educators at your centre. You can change the settings on each resource added and make them "Educator Only" resources. This will keep the resource private between your education team. 

We often see Resource Libraries filled with:

  • Health information leaflets.

  • Reference guides for teachers.

  • Activity sheets for families. 

  • Teaching materials for activities.

Site Administrators linked to multiple centres can share a resource between their various Educa sites. 

Both families and educators can comment on each resource added, with comments seen by all users with access to the resource.

Check out our handy "How To..." video below to learn how you can:

  • Create Resources Within Educa.

  • Upload Exisiting Resources.

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