Site Administrators can upload exisiting policies or create new policies directly in Educa. These policies can then be updated, with the changes tracked in your Policy History. 

By default these policies are shared with all families and educators at your centre. You can change the settings on each policy added and make them "Educator Only" policies. This will keep the policy private between your education team. 

Top Tip: Track changes to a policy via the Policy History page.

Once posted, Site Administrators can notify families and educators via email of the new policy, rank the policy within your Policy Library and share the policy to other Educa sites where they are administrators. 

Families and educators can then comment on each policy added, with comments seen by all users with access to the policy.

Check out our handy "How To..." video below to learn how you can:

  • Create and Upload Policies In Educa

  • Notify Families and Educators of New Policies

  • Update Policies and Track Changes

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