When creating a learning story on Educa there are a number of tools you can use to format your story in a creative way. These same tools are available when creating messages and teacher portfolio posts.

Image Alignment

Use the image tool bar to resize and align your images. This will allow you to fit multiple photos in a row or it will allow you to place text next to your photo. Borders can be added to all photos to make them more eye catching. 


Add tables to your stories to have firmer control over where information sits. Use either single cell tables or multi-cell tables to create more complex layouts. Create space for blocks of text by utilising the Merge Cells function. Once your story is set within a table you can add backgrounds to your story and frame them with a border. 

The formats you create will be reflected when you print your story using either the Print Wizard or the Print as PDF option. Edit the story in Full Screen mode to check where the page breaks when the story is printed. 

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