Educa uses a blank canvas layout where images can be any size, in any position. There are many ways to get creative; background colours, image borders, a wide variety of fonts and emojis. And our drag or click to move feature makes it easy to try new layouts.

Moving Images

Click to move your photos into position around your text. Photos in a row or column will auto-resize to match and text will automatically wrap around your images.

Rows. To create a new size for an image row, move an image to a new row, then add an image to the left or right. You can add as many as you'd like to a row.

Columns. If you insert an image above or below an image on one side of your page, that image will auto resize to match that image size.

To move images, simply hover over the image to see the orange Click or Drag button. Once clicked, you'll see a number of blue lines around your story, showing you where the photo can be positioned. As you hover over target places to put your image, the lines or boxes will turn orange.

Story Titles - Great for Printing

Educa has added dozens of new fonts that could be used for story titles - in any color you like. This is particularly helpful if you are printing stories. You can add a fancy title to your story, then in print use the "No Header" option to make that title the story title in in the printed version.

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