Linking Siblings

Learn how to link siblings to each other and link the associated parent accounts.

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If you have siblings attending your service, you can mark them as siblings on Educa by linking them together.

Simply edit their profile and select their sibling from the drop down menu. Once saved the link will be created.

If there are multiple siblings, link two siblings together first. Then open the unlinked sibling's profile and link them to one of the previously linked siblings. This will automatically link all of the siblings together. 

Linking Parents to Siblings

Parents can initially only be invited onto one child's profile at a time. Therefore select one sibling to invite the parent onto.

If the siblings are linked before inviting the parents, once the parent accepts their invitation they will be active on both children's accounts (even though they were only invited to join one profile). 

If the siblings are not linked before inviting the parents, you will need to manually link the parents to all of their children. You can easily do this through the child's profile page. 

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