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Programs for Distance or Remote Learning
Programs for Distance or Remote Learning

Learn how to maintain a connection with your community when distance learning.

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When working remotely, there are a number of programs which you can use alongside Educa to offer support.

Loom: Free Video and Screen Recording Software

Loom is a free plugin/extension you can add to Google Chrome. We use it frequently here at Educa. You may have even received a "Loom" from our Support Team. 

Loom allows you to record your screen and yourself, simply by clicking the extension icon to the right of the URL bar. Once you have finished your recording the video is automatically processed, with no editing required. Although, if you like, there are editing options, e.g., cutting out section.

Simply copy the link and share with peers or post onto your Educa Message Board to share with your community. 

You might use Loom to:

  • Post a personalised weekly update to you Message Board. 

  • Demonstrate activities to families and children. 

  • Provide instructions to students of exercises they need to complete. 

Google Hangouts Meet: Online Meetings

If you're already using Google Accounts for your business needs, you may already be familiar with this program. 

Google Hangouts Meet lets you run online meetings, with everyone dialling in from their location. You can share your webcam and present your screen to the rest of the group. If you have recurring meetings you can use the same link to access the online session, rather than having to re-create the meeting each time.

Post the access link on your Message Board or Teacher Message Board to make it readily available for your community. 

You might use Google Hangouts Meet to:

  • Run weekly team meetings with your staff. 

  • Connect with families in real-time for mat time.

  • Run online lessons for your students. 

Zoom: Video Conferencing

You may be familiar with this software as it has become increasingly popular as a way to stay in touch with friends during this time. It also can be utilised in your service. 

Similar to Google Hangouts Meet, it allows you to invite multiple people to a single online video meeting. Each user can share their webcam and participate in the conversation. An added bonus with Zoom is that you can record each session, should you need to share it with someone who couldn't attend live.

Each meeting has its own invitation link, which can be shared across Educa to keep your community in the loop. 

You might use Zoom to:

  • Run professional development training with your staff. 

  • Arrange parent-teacher conferences.

  • Host events or run activities with your extended community. 

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