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Microsoft and Google Single Sign On (SSO)
Microsoft and Google Single Sign On (SSO)

Access Educa and other sites with one click. Save time or use it as backup if you forget your password!

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Educa offers access via Google or Microsoft. This means that you can use your Google or Microsoft password to log into Educa. And if you are already logged into your Google or Microsoft account, you will get straight into Educa.

This is called "single sign on" or SSO. That's because once you sign in to your Google (or Microsoft) account, you can then access any site with Google or Microsoft logins. No need to enter or even remember passwords for all those sites!

Don't worry, this is safe. Educa has an authentication setup with Google and Microsoft, verifying your login credentials.

This saves you time and if you forget your password, SSO gives you another way in. If you are not logged into Google, our login page will prompt you to enter your Google email and password, and then you will be taken right into Educa.

Here's a video on how that looks

How to Set Up Your Google SSO

First, you need to use an email on Educa that Google recognizes. If you don't have a Google account, consider opening one with the email you use for most of your sites. This is a free service offered by Google. Then use that email to log into Educa.

The first time you use Educa's Google login, whether you are logged into Google or not, you will be taken to a Google page where you will need to confirm your login. If you have two emails with Google, use the one associated with Educa to get your email validated by Google as an Educa user.

After that, you can simply click the Login with Google to get into Educa.

Use SSO for all your sites

As long as you are logged into your Google account, you can one-click into all sites using the Google login, when available.

It makes it easy to switch between sites - all the benefits of all-in-one software while still getting the best in class software from providers who focus on what they do best.

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