Child Notes

How to add shared or private notes to a Child's profile for parents and teachers to view.

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Child Notes allow parents and teachers to communicate privately on a child's profile. There are two types of notes that can be posted onto a child's profile.

Shared Notes

Teachers and parents can use shared notes to discuss information that is not related to a learning story. This could include:

  • Change to pick-up/drop-off routine.

  • Child allergies.

  • Events that may effect the child's mood or behaviour.

Once a note is shared, the child's parents and profile teachers will be notified by email. Only staff and the parents of the child will be able to see these notes; this section will be hidden from any other extended family members. 

Private Notes

Teachers can use private notes to record information about the child which cannot be accessed by a child's parents. This creates a forum for teachers to share information between each other on further support the child may require. 

Once a private note is created, the child's profile teachers will be notified by email. 

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