Templates form the basis of all plans on Educa, so before you start writing a plan you'll need to set up the templates available for your centre. Only Site Administrators can set up planning templates on your site.

Educa has pre-loaded several templates using different designs to be starting points for you. You can either copy these templates and amend the format, or you can create your own templates.

There are two template styles available - vertical templates and table templates. All table templates will have (Table) listed next to them. We would recommend only using table templates on larger screens, as they can be difficult to access on smaller screens.

Create Your Own Vertical Planning Template  

Open up the Planing page and select Create Template. Only Site Administrators will see this option.

You then can set a title and determine the settings for your template. This includes hiding any plans from parents which use your template.

Now you can begin to add your headings for each section of your plan. Simply add a New Custom Field to write your header and description. You can set each field to public or private and add as many fields as you require. 

Finally, set whether curriculum and resources can be attached to plans using this template. You can then click Publish and the template will appear in the Select Template menu when writing a plan. 

Create Your Own Table Planning Template  

Start by opening the Templates tab on the main Planning page. From there you will need to find an exisiting table template and click Copy

Just like with the vertical templates, you'll need to create a title and determine the settings of your template. 

You can then edit, delete or add custom fields. These custom fields are the column headings in your table. You cannot add row headings to your templates. These will need to be added when writing your plan.

Here is an example of how the template in edit mode translates into the template when writing a plan: 

Copy a Standard Educa Template

Start by opening the Templates tab on the main Planning page. From there you will need to find the exisiting template you wish to copy and click Copy

You can then adjust any of the fields and settings to suit your needs. We'd recommend giving the template a unique title, so you can differentiate between your customised template and the standard template.

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