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Network Hub - Management Site for Groups
Network Hub - Management Site for Groups

Set up and overview of remote management and communication site for groups and associations

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What is a Network Hub?

A Network or Management Hub is a central site that allows head office staff to perform simple tasks for centres in a group from one place. Use the Hub to see a summary of activity, share, post, and more.

Note, while hub users can be granted permission to perform remote actions on selected sites (hub actions), actual site access requires adding the user as a teacher on the Teachers page of the Hub or by invitation from the local site. This added step protects the privacy of local site data as per GDPR recommendations.

Once a Hub is set up, Hub Admins can add sites to the Hub using the "Link Centre" button on the Centres tab. Here's what the hub looks like:

How User Permission and Access to Sites Works

Educa Support will create the Hub site. Once the site has been created you can manually link the centres you request and then invite a Hub admin from your organisation, who can then invite others.

The Hub has two roles - Hub Admins and Hub Users.

Hub Admins
Hub Admins automatically see all sites, including new sites added. This means they can always perform all hub actions on all sites. However, to have local site access they need to be added as a teacher to the local site either via the Teachers Page on the Hub or by local site invitation. If you click on a site name and get a login page, you do not have access to that centre.

Hub Admins manage all aspects of Hub User access - inviting them in the first place, removing them, managing their status and connecting them to remote sites. Only Hub Admins can do this.

Hub Users
Hub Admins can invite and set per-site permissions for a Hub User on the Manage Hub Users page (under the Settings cog at the top). The Hub User will be sent an activation link - clicking that link completes the process. If new sites are added, Hub Users permissions need to be manually updated.

Once permissions are granted, Hub Users will see their sites and will be able to perform all Hub actions.

Note: if a Hub User would like site access, s/he needs to be added as a teacher for each site on the Hub's Teacher's Page by a Hub Admin or they need to be invited to the site by a local site Admin.

Summary of Functions

Teacher messages - send messages to all teachers or to teachers at selected sites. Replies are seen by all teachers on the original list (as per regular Educa logic).

Hub teacher messages - members of the hub have the ability to share "teacher messages" just within the hub.

Go to Individual Sites - from the Hub homepage, one-click to access any site if you are a member of that site. The dashboard of activity is updated once a day.

Note: orange links indicate sites you can access directly, i.e., where you are registered on the individual site.

Policies and Resources - under the Library tab, share, remove or update Policies and Resources with all or selected sites. This is a unique link shared by all sites. It can not overwrite anything already on a site.

Message Board - send announcements or messages to parents at all sites or selected sites. Given the complexity of family privacy, site to site, these messages are 'announce only'. No replies are allowed.

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