What is a Network Hub?

It's a completely separate Educa site, setup for you by Educa Support, that is linked to each site (centre) in your network. It provides a remote portal - a way to access, share, post, manage staff, extract reports and more - on those sites from one central place.

Set Up - Hub Users

Educa Support will create the site, manually link the sites you request and then invite a Hub admin from your organisation, who can then invite others. The first "hub admin" must have access to all sites intended to be part of the Hub.

To make sure everybody is aware of the access privileges associated with being a "hub user," the signup process has two steps:

  • Admin selects which sites a user will have access to - as teacher or admin - and then sends invite to user
  • User accepts Hub email invite and is automatically given access rights to those sites selected by Hub Admin

By default, new hub invitees are designated a hub "user" - meaning they have full access and management privileges related to sites, but cannot manage other hub users or access to the hub network itself. That added management requires being upgraded to "Hub Admin" - under the Settings cog at the top of the site.

All hub members have a "teacher message" channel just for them under Community, like on any Educa site.

Summary of Functions - in beta v1

Teacher messages - send messages to all teachers or to teachers at selected sites. Replies are seen by all teachers on the original list (as per regular Educa logic).

Message Board - send announcements or messages to parents at all sites or selected sites. Given the complexity of family privacy, site to site, these messages are announce only. No replies are allowed.

Teacher management - add, remote or change the access status ("teacher" or "admin") remotely, under the Sites/Teachers page.

Site access - from Hub home page, click to access any site. The dashboard of activity is updated once a day. [Note: hub users will see all sites on home page, but will only be able to click into sites they have access to.]

Policies - under the Library tab, share, remove or update Policies with all or selected sites. This is a unique link shared by all sites. It can not over-write anything already on a site.

Templates for and plans, forms - coming soon.

Reports - child story and parent engagement reports by site or multiple sites - coming soon

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