Summative Assessment - in Educa

Create a summative assessment in Forms using an Educa public template or create your own, North American users can use the DRDP or ELOF

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Summative Assessment Forms

You can create and update summative point-in-time assessments for your site in "child forms" as follows:

  • Site Admin adapts an Educa public template/creates new template

  • Teachers add an assessment form to each child's profile

  • Teachers update form, including link stories as evidence

  • Export as PDF or share online with families and peers

Educa has four assessment templates in its public library and is adding more all the time. The current templates are:

  • Incoming Assessment (for new children)

  • Evaluation - Progress Report

  • Virtual Progress Report (allows for more family input)

  • Transition to School

Alternatively, use the Educa form builder to create your own assessment. Start by creating a new Form Template. For more on Form templates click here.

Once a form is created for a child, it can be access in a child's profile or from the Forms home page (under Tools).

Ratings - DRDP and ELOF

For North American users, Educa has a Ratings assessment option, which works as follows:

  • Select DRDP view or ELOF

  • Link to framework from stories - it populates assessment rating

  • Manually update assessment - override or update ratings

  • Create automatic PDF for families - a summative assessment

  • Export to DRDP Online

If a DRDP view is activated, linked outcomes will auto-populate in Ratings. Access the rating from a child's profile or from the Ratings home page (under Tools).

For more on our Ratings tool click here.

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