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Creating a Form Template
Creating a Form Template

Each new form requires a source Form Template. You can use or adapt a "public" Educa template or create one from scratch.

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Creating a form on Educa is a two-step process. Firstly, you need to set up your templates. This is where you create the framework of your forms and set the questions. You can only create forms once you have created a template.

Form Templates are the master copies of your forms, which would have traditionally been printed out and then filled in when required.

Once created, your templates will appear in the "Select Template" dropdown when creating a Form. To learn about the various template types available (child, teacher and centre) click here.

Using Standard Templates

Educa has provided a number of Standard Templates, based on common practice which you can use on your own site. To use one of these templates, simply click Copy to Active next to the template to activate the template. 

You can then rename it, edit the questions to suit your needs and publish it.  Once published that template will appear in the template dropdown when you click "Create Form."

Creating a Form Template From Scratch

Start by click Create Template and selecting the Form Type for your template. There will then be the option to enter a title, which will display in the "Select Template" dropdown, and complete the summary to describe the intended use of the template.

Educa uses Sections to make it easier to create sets of questions. Once you have added a section, you can then add questions, customising the settings for each question.

You can add as many sections as you want, and in each section as many questions as you want. 

Once you have created the question, you can add placeholder text to prompt users into a particular response. 

You have an option to copy questions and then re-order using the arrows.  

Click Publish to save the Template and make it visible as an option on the Create Form page.

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