Educa has two apps -- the Educa Touch app for families, and the PWA for teachers and staff.

The Educa Touch iOS and Android apps are intended for families only. They are simplified viewing and commenting apps, whereas the teacher web app is designed to make create story and other teacher tasks simpler on a phone. And it provides access to all of Educa.

Log into Educa via an icon you add to your phone homescreen - instructions below.

  • Choose your primary site as that's where the PWA takes you when you login

  • Tap "Remember me" on the login page for automatic logins in the future.

What is the Teacher PWA?

The Educa teacher web app is called a "progressive web app" (PWA) - meaning it uses progressive design principles to support mobile phone users. The PWA lets you work offline and on the go. It won't take up space on your phone.

The Teacher PWA on Mobile: The PWA is mobile responsive, redesigned for your phone's smaller screen. However, it still has all of the same features as the desktop browser version of Educa.

The Teacher PWA on iPad: The PWA looks like your desktop version of Educa on an iPad.

How to Add the Teacher Web App Icon

On iOS, the steps are:

  1. Log into Educa on your phone or iPad using Safari (Note, Safar is the only browser that will accept a PWA on Apple devices)

  2. Tap the "share" icon in the footer

  3. Scroll down and tap on "Add to Home Screen" - you'll see Educa pop up. You can rename it if you like.

  4. Then tap "Add" to save to your home screen.

Here's a short video on how to add the teacher web app to your home screen:

For Android, log into Educa on your phone, tap the "Add Educa to Home Screen" banner in the footer. Like this:

If you've missed this banner from appearing on your tablet select the three dots next to the URL and select "Add to Home Screen/Download as an App"

This will add a Educa PWA icon to your home screen. Use that icon to login to Educa in the future. If you tap "remember me" you will be logged in automatically, like an app.

Pro Tips;

Check the "remember me" box to be logged in right away in the future.

Use a slow left to right swipe to go back a page (there is no back arrow)

Why Use the Teacher PWA?

Everything on Educa desktop is on the Educa PWA. And in most cases it follows the exact same logic as desktop version of Educa. In particular:

  • Create story is much easier and includes all desktop features

  • The PWA remembers you, tap the icon and you're in

  • The screen is bigger as normal browser format, e.g., the bar that shows the URL, is not required - valuable extra space

  • Dictate stories or notes using voice to text

  • Access your inbox, your teacher portfolio, teacher messages and other features of Educa that are not available on the app

Coming soon! We are going to add offline functionality to the PWA.

Add to your "dock" on an iPad or Mac

Click the "install" or "add" on the right hand side of the URL address bar, select Educa for Teachers, and it will pop into your dock. Right click on icon so select Options, Keep in Dock.

Dictate Stories in Your Language (with Punctuation!)

Tap the microphone icon in the bottom right of your iOS phone or on the keyboard on Android phones - for voice to text dictation in your language. Dictate in the language that your phone is set to - under your General Settings - and Educa will write in that language.

Tap the microphone to start, tap to stop, then tap "Done" to get back to the Create Story page.

Note, the voice-to-text system also recognizes punctuation! If you say "He followed me period new paragraph" Educa will write He followed me. and then move the cursor to a new paragraph.

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