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Student Passwords - Change/Reset Options
Student Passwords - Change/Reset Options

If students forget passwords, they can reset using the "forgot password" link or their Microsoft or Google logins. Here's how.

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To help schools manage student users, and avoid students changing passwords and getting locked out of their accounts accidentally, we do not allow students to change their own passwords. And so, if you are a student and have forgotten your Educa password, you have two choices:

  1. Click "Forgot Password"

  2. Use your Google or Microsoft login

Note, if neither of these work for you, please contact a teacher, who can contact Educa Support to get your password changed. Here is more detail on the two options.

Forgot Password (requires student email access)

If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot Password?" link. Enter your email and click "Reset."

Look for an email from "The Educa Team" with the Subject line of "Reset Password" that will be sent to the email inbox you entered. Note, this email can take a few minutes to arrive.

Once you find the reset email, click on the long link to change your password:

If you do not see the reset email:

  1. Check your spam/junk folder

  2. Make sure the email address: is not blocked - most email systems allow you to check "blocked senders" under Preferences / Junk Email.

Using Your Google or Microsoft Email & Password for Educa

If you have a Google or Microsoft email and password, please use that for Educa.

Note, the first time you use Educa's Google login, you will be taken to a Google page where you will need to confirm your login. If you have two emails with Google, use the one associated with Educa to get your email validated by Google as an Educa user. After that, you can simply click the Login with Google to get into Educa. Microsoft works the same way.

Resetting Your Google Password

If you are using a Google email to log into Educa and you do not remember your Google password, you can reset your password with Google here:

Here is what it looks like the first time you use your Google login.

Educa Support Can Change Student Passwords

For privacy reasons, Educa currently does not allow staff to change student passwords.

If students do not have email access or cannot find the Reset email in their inbox and do not have a Google or Microsoft login they could use, please contact Educa Support. We can change a student password on our server.

Contact us via the icon in the bottom right of Educa or at

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