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Clear Browser Cache Autofill to Reset Password
Clear Browser Cache Autofill to Reset Password

How to remove and replace old remembered password from your browser when you change your Educa password.

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Most browsers now store passwords in secure 'keychains' - and so your device can autocomplete your password entry. That's great, until you change your password, but your keychain is still using the old one in its keychain.

You will need to delete that old password keychain from your browser, login with your new one and then save that as your new remembered password.

To clear that old password, if you are not offered a chance to update it when you next go to Educa, you will need to clear your browser's cache, your browser's temporary storage memory. How to do this varies by browser.

You don't need to clear your browser's cache, your device's short term browser memory. However, sometimes that is required. If so, here's how to clear your cache in Google and in Safari.

Here is a site with instructions on clearing cache for all browsers:

Google Chrome - Removing Old Password

In Google Chrome you can delete the remembered password.

  • Under the "Chrome" tab, open Preferences,

  • Under Autofill, find Passwords

  • Use search feature at the top to find your Educa password

  • Click the three dots on the right, choose "Remove."

Safari - Removing Old Password

Under File, choose Preferences. Then find "Passwords" and use the search to find your Educa password. Select the password row, then click "Remove."

Firefox - Removing Old Password

Open Firefox and navigate to the Preferences page. Go to the Security tab and then click on Saved Logins.

You can select individual saved logins and then click Remove, or you can remove all saved logins by clicking Remove all.

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