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Story Due Notification Bells
Story Due Notification Bells

Use Overdue Alerts to keep track of which children need stories. This article explains the notification bells.

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You might have noticed a bell sitting over a child image on the All Children page or on your Profile Children page in your Teacher Profile. It's a "story is due" alert.

It helps make sure individual or group stories are being posted regularly? It's a setting available to site admins only, with period options and an off switch. Here's how it works.

Under Settings, in the Stories tab (on the left), scroll down the page to the "Overdue Alert" setting that looks like this.

Note, if the Overdue Alert bells are enabled, a bell will appear over the image of a child in All Children. To clear the bell, there needs to be an individual or group story written in the required timeframe. Note, a story tagged as a Day Journal will not clear the Overdue Alert bell.

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