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Icons and Language in Educa
Icons and Language in Educa

An explanation of the icons you see around Educa and Educa terms.

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"Profile teachers" are all teachers linked to a child's profile - this automatically includes the class teachers but can also include other manually linked teachers. You can assign teachers to individual children in each child's profile, in edit mode.

"Profile children" are all of the children assigned to a teacher.


Bell: Indicates to educators that a learning story has not been written for a child in a specific amount of time. Time frames can be adjusted by an admin in Site Settings. The bell icon can be deactivated by an administrator. More here.

Stacked book icon: Indicates the number of Framework goals or outcomes linked to a Learning Story.

Speech bubble: A speech bubble below a Learning Story indicates that a family or staff member commented on that Learning Story.

Push pin: A pushpin next to a Message Board post means that a message has been pinned to the top of the board. An admin at your site may pin a message because it contains important or new information. An admin or a teacher with Message Board writing rights can "unpin" a message by editing the message and unchecking "pin this message."

Heart: The heart icon allows family members to "thank" an educator for a Learning Story.

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