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Upload data from Ratings to DRDP Online
Upload data from Ratings to DRDP Online

Using Educa's Export template in Ratings for DRDP period-end reporting

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Here are the steps to generating a spreadsheet of data for upload into DRDP Online.

  1. Select Rating under Tools.

  2. Select "Export" in upper right.

  3. Select the correct framework view, rating period, and children.

  4. Click "Export" - this will send a spreadsheet with name of the framework view and your date range to your Downloads .

  5. If you use more than one DRDP view, the export will be a Zip file with a spreadsheet for each framework, sorted by "Age Grade instrument ID" (view), e.g., "PSF" is Preschool Fundamental View. All export sheets have the same column configuration - it's a "universal" template. To create one file for uploading to DRDP Online, copy and paste all child rows into one sheet.*

  6. You can then log into your site's DRDP Online account and upload this file.

Note, Educa can only export one framework view for a child in defined reporting period - we cannot merge ratings from two frameworks in a reporting period. If a child needs to change to a different view, please do this to start a new period.

Troubleshooting - Items to Check

The DRDP export requires additional information for each child, which is stored in Educa in the "Edit Ratings Info" page for each child, found on the child's Ratings page.

Please check that each field is answered. If the required fields below are not complete, the upload to DRDP Online will fail:

  • SSID or iCode (if you do not enter a number, Educa will enter its internally generated number, which is acceptable to DRDP)

  • Birth Date

  • Gender

  • Start Date

  • Ethnicity/race: you must answer whether the child is Hispanic AND enter their race. If you do not answer the Hispanic answer, Educa will default to "no."

  • Home language

  • Is a language other than English spoken at home? Educa will default to "no."

  • Does this child have an IEP or IFSP - Educa default is "no."

Other items to be aware of

  • The name of the agency and the center on Educa must match DRDP Online exactly. This can be checked in Ratings--Settings.

  • The class names from Educa must match those in DRDP Online exactly.

  • The Ratings Periods on the Rating Settings page must be entered as per DRDP requirements: Season space Year. Those ratings periods also have to match the Ratings periods set up for the class in DRDP Online. (If they don't, it will tell you that the teacher/class combination does not exist.)

  • The user pulling the export from Educa will be entered as the teacher of the class. If that is not the case for that class, you will have to correct that in the spreadsheet itself.

  • The child name must be written in Educa exactly as it is in DRDP Online - spelling and capitalization count!

  • ALL of the data on the Child Ratings Info page (accessed from a child's ratings report) must be entered. Without that demographic data, DRDP Online will not accept the upload.

  • The DRDP Completion Date will default to the date the export is run. If this needs to be changed, you can do it directly on the exported spreadsheet.

  • As long as all required ratings are entered, the child will be "locked" once uploaded to DRDP. To upload unlocked ratings, remove the "1" from the "locked" column in the export spreadsheet.


At present, Educa does not support the API link to DRDP Online. If your site would like to use the API transfer of data, please contact Educa support for info on when that will be available.

Educa is an approved DRDP assessment vendor.

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