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Educa's Learning Story site - webinars, study groups, request private team training - on all things Learning Stories.

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Our Learning Story Academy has a steady stream of first class PD and training using primarily expert external trainers from New Zealand, Australia and North America - on all aspects of Learning Stories:

  • Introductory classes

  • Writing workshops

  • Theory, origins and thought leadership

Sign up for free either by:

  • Registering for any course, free or paid OR

  • Clicking "Sign In" - top right of Academy home page

Once logged in you will have access to our learning community and our free content. From your user "My Dashboard" (at top right of page) gives you access to your courses and communities, including going back into a self-paced video course to pick where you left off.

What's Available

Learning Story Academy has:

  • Webinars on Learning Stories and related topics, e.g., planning

  • Facilitated study groups and inquiry groups

  • Self-paced video courses

  • A community to exchange ideas

Live courses have a range of times - to accommodate local educators but also encourage educators from other territories to tune in and understand how folks think about early childhood education in other regions.

Most courses include completion certificates and course materials.

You can also request private training for your team from a link on the Academy site. Or request training here.

Our Plans for The Learning Story Academy

We will be adding more Inquiry Groups and self-paced content based on customer interest. And so if you have a request, please let us know.

Educa serves like-minded educators around the world. Educa Academy is place where these ideas can be shared - both in the training opportunities and in our learning communities.

Access Learning Story Academy from the Help page footer, the blue operator footer in Educa and from our website footer.

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