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Editing or Linking to Parent Stories
Editing or Linking to Parent Stories

Parent stories cannot be edited by teachers or linked to. But there's a workaround for teachers.

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Educa does not support framework or plan linking to stories contributed by families, called "Parent Stories" in Educa. Nor does it allow teachers to edit a parent story.

The idea in both cases is that there is value in preserving the parent voice in the child's portfolio without teacher edits. And that parent stories as is are not Learning Stories and so linking is not needed.

However some parent stories fit beautifully into a plan a teacher has or has learning aspects to it a teacher wants to document.

Turn a Parent Story into a Teacher Learning Story

And so, there is a workaround for teachers.

  1. Download the parent story as a PDF (available from your "Stories" page for the child and in story "View" mode - click "Print/Save PDF")

  2. Upload that PDF into a new story. It will display fully (just like the original story) in "preview" PDF mode when viewed by families or by you.

  3. Use the title and text in the story box to explain that story's origins, and perhaps the learning you are going to link to. You have the story space and the reflection boxes available for text or your own images.

  4. Link to frameworks or plans - as per normal

  5. Publish to share

  6. (Optional) Delete the original parent story - to avoid duplication.

You might want to check this process with your parent before proceeding!

Pro Tip. You have the option in "Print/Save PDF" mode to make the PDF a bit more fancy by adding a background and/or a border to the parent story before downloading it as a PDF for adding to your story.

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