Learn how to use Routines to record nappy changes, sleep times, meals and more.

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Routines is a two-way communication channel between parents and educators. You can use Routines to record the following pieces of information:

  • Nappy changes.

  • Sleep times.

  • Meals.

  • Requests.

  • General Notes.

It’s designed to replace your daily sheets and act as a voice for the children in your care.

Educators can access Routine via the Tools menu. If you can't see this option get in touch with Educa's Support Team and we can enable this for you.

Viewing Routines

The Routines log will show a daily tally of the number of records created, per record type for your entire centre. 

Details of each record are listed below and can be displayed using the filter option at the top of the page. Parents and profile teachers will only see records for the children they are linked to.

To record information you'll need to click Add New Entry and select your routine record type. 

You can create enteries for individual children or groups of children. When adding multiple children to an entry, you can update the details individually to reflect each child's experience. 

Once you have recorded all of the required information hit Save and these records will be added to your Routine's log. 

Routines can be deleted on the same day they were created, although they cannot be deleted on the days following. You can also use the Print function in the top right corner of the page to print out a hard copy for your records.

Adding a Sleep Record

If you are adding a record for a child's sleep after the have woken up, you can create a routine entry as outlined above. Alternatively, you can add the start and end time in realtime.

When the child falls asleep create a new entry and record the time they fell asleep. Without adding the wake up time click Save. The Routines log will show the children who are currently sleeping and how long they have been asleep.

When the child wakes up, select the Sleeping Now link under Routines at the top of your page. Select the child you wish to wake up and record their wake up time. Click save and the entry will be recorded as complete.

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