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Add a Record to the Routines (Parent)
Add a Record to the Routines (Parent)

How to create a feed, sleep or note entry to the Routines for a child.

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When you are under Routines, you will see a list of records related to your child, with the most recent entry displayed at the top. To add a new entry, follow the steps below:

1. To add your own entry, click the orange “New Entry” button.

2. This opens up the following page where you can create a new record.
Use this form to record and share when your child ate breakfast, or how well they slept.

3. Select your record ‘type’ using the icons at the top.
Once you select a type, the rest of the form will load for you to fill out.

4. Fill out the form with the time the activity took place.
Add any other relevant information to share with your child’s teachers.

5. Click “Save” when you’re done.
The new record will be added to the Routines record page.

To view the Records in the Routines - Click Here

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