Note: For families, only available to relations marked as the Mother, Father or Parent

At any time, you can download a child's portfolio, which includes learning stories, photos and videos. Your download will be put in a zip file, and then sent to your email inbox as a download link.

How to to download a profile

1: From the child stories page, click the child's name or image to view the the Profile. (Note, if the child has been "archived," the profile can be found in "Archived Profiles" on the All Children page, under the Children tab.)

2: Click "Download Profile" in left sidebar to start the process. You will see this message:

3: Check your email for a notification from The Educa Team with the subject "Your Child Profile Download is Ready." Click on the link in the email to start the download. You may need to choose where to save the file first,

depending on your browser's settings

This will download a .zip file of the child's profile. A zipped file will need to be "extracted" or "unzipped" to be used properly.

About the Download

The profile includes stories and media used in stories only. Plans and forms are not downloadable. If you would like to save any Plans or Forms, download them as PDFs to your device.

Note also, the stories lose their formatting in this download process as the formatting relies on them being part of Educa. If you want the beautiful stories you see as keepsakes, a better option is to using our Print/PDF feature, add borders and backgrounds if you like, and use "Download PDF" to save to your decvice.

How to extract a Zipped File

1: Locate the file (named "[child's name]") on your computer. If you did not choose where to save it, this will be in your Downloads folder. 

2: Once you've found the folder, Right click on the folder and select "Extract all"

3: Choose where to extract the files, or leave it as default to save it in Downloads

4: Click "Extract" to unzip the folder 

5: You can now view the stories (and other files) by opening the, now extracted, folder "[child's name]"

The folder will contain the following files: 

  • Files - this contains all of the child's photos, videos and PDF files

  • Instructions - this has some instructions on how to extract the file

  • [child's name]'s learning stories - this is a file containing all of the child's stories in one place

6: View the stories by clicking on "[child's name]'s learning stories". This will open the file in your browser as you would view it on the web. You can also access individual photos, videos and PDF files in the "Files" folder. 

If you cannot open the Learning stories, you may need to choose how to open it.
Right click the file and select "Open with," then click either Google Chrome (recommended) or Internet Explorer. 

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