Create a Group Story

Save time by writing one story and posting it to multiple children's portfolios for their families to see.

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Experiences can often involve a group of children or an entire class. Group Stories allow you to document and share these moments in one single story.

Once published, a Group Story is added to the portfolio of each linked child and the families can be notified, so it functions just like an individual story.

Parents and extended family can then comment, although these comments and the replies from teachers will only be visible to your child's family and educators.

When writing a Group Story you'll notice they are identical to creating an Individual Story. Learn how to write an Individual Story on Educa right here.

The only difference you'll notice is how you get to write a Group Story and how you select the children in that story.

To create a Group Story, head to the Create Story button in your toolbar and select Group Story.

At the top of the story you'll see the option to add children. Children can be added to your Group Story from multiple classes or one group.

Check the children's names individually or use the Select Class option to add all children in that class. You can always de-select children from the class if they weren't present.

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